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Issue #28
Getting Started with the Research Wizard Community
Issue #27
Shortcut for Changing Dates in a Screen or a Report
Issue #26
Numerically Ordered Items Table
Issue #25
How to Access the Different Databases within the Research Wizard
Issue #24
Rearranging Items in Your Report using the 'Cut' and 'Insert' Functions
Issue #23
Understanding Operators
Issue #22
How to Attach a Custom Report to a Screen
Issue #21
Tips on How to Trade the Strategies
Issue #20
How to Use the Robustness Analysis Checker in the Advanced Backtester
Issue #19
How to Use The 'Peer Report' and 'Industry Data' Feature
Issue #18
Understanding Your Backtest Reports
Issue #17
How to Use the Consensus Feature when Running a Combo Screen
Issue #16
All of the Available Resources for Help in Using the Research Wizard
Issue #15
Tips on How to Reorganize Data when Exported to Excel
Issue #14
All the Things You Can Do with Ticker Lists
Issue #13
How to Automate your Screening Routines with Scripts
Issue #12
You Can Create and Save Custom Items to Use Again and Again
Issue #11
How to Use the 'AND' and the 'OR' Expression in the 'Main' Screening Window
Issue #10
How to Use the Historical Search Box from the 'Main' Screening Window
Issue #9
Creating the Zacks Industry Rank in the Research Wizard
Issue #8
Accessing Multiple Databases in the Same Calculation Expression
Issue #7
Relative Comparison Screening
Compare Stocks to their Sector, Industry or the Market
Issue #6
Identifying the Hottest (and not so hot) Stocks with the Hot Maps
Issue #5
How to Create Your Own Customized Data Items
Issue #4
Quick Tips for Accessing All of a Company's Data
Issue #3
Screening for the Top Sectors and Industries and the Best Stocks Within Them
Issue #2
How to Create and Backtest Projected EPS Growth Rates
Issue #1
How to Create and Backtest Moving Averages